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Remedial Learning Support

We support Grades 1 through to 8


What is Remedial Therapy?

Remedial therapy involves individual education plans tailored to a child’s specific learning needs and learning styles. A multi-faceted approach to teaching is adopted and this is designed for any learner, with or without special needs. If children are not reaching their full potential, regardless of why, they will require extra input and specialised support. 

Remedial therapists aim to help learners who are having problems with concepts to fully understand the basics of a subject. Learners can also attend sessions to catch up on missed learning or overcome barriers or as a useful tool to gain a more complete grasp of difficult information or concepts.

If a child appears to be significantly behind the expected level for his/her grade, a teacher may recommend remedial class/ extra lessons. These lessons aim to bridge the gap for struggling learners, allowing them to work at a more appropriate level, rather than falling further behind because they are not at the same level as the rest of the class. 

Remedial classes provide a positive environment for students suffering from low-self esteem, the one-one and small group environment provides opportunities for students to ask as many questions as necessary to understand a subject, rather than feeling pressured to learn everything immediately.  

We focus on skills to be used across learning areas rather than merely content. Our aim is for life readiness and the real application of knowledge. 


We specialise in:

Literacy skills






Extra lessons

Extension lessons

Academic confidence

Study support

Cottage school

Learning Support: Activities


We offer one-to one learning support sessions in the afternoons from 1pm to 6pm. These sessions are an hour long and cater to your child's specific learning needs.

Sessions are R295 a session, we send monthly feedback and are more than happy to communicate with teachers or other therapist in order to best support your child.

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