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Testimonial 1

Fiona has an incredible gift when interacting with children of any age. She takes the time to get to know a child, to understand their personality and learning style, to tap into what learning method best suits the child. She makes learning fun and challenges a child to reach their full potential and encourages children to strive to do their absolute best. Fiona's email address: "happycleverkids" is testimony to how she makes a child feel, after engaging with her.

Fiona gives children the confidence to overcome challenges in Mathematics, clues to help them problem solve effectively and step by step instructions on how best to tackle various methods of Mathematics. 

My daughter looks forward to her weekly lesson with Fiona - it is an hour where one-on-one comprehensive learning takes place, which is so beneficial for a young child to have a strong foundation in place for the schooling years that lie ahead.



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Testimonial 2

"I absolutely love all the teachers, down to earth, positive and kind hearted spirits they all carry. My son had a very negative approach to school now he loves it due to the positive upliftment from his wonderful teachers. Not to mention the school grounds are just dreamy and so relaxing. A wonderful space and school sanctuary for children."--Itami

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Testimonial 3

We are exceptionally grateful to you and Heather for EVERYTHING you have done for my son during his time there with you. I have literally watched him flourish to the point where he is now - certainly making true of your name. I’ve watched as you guys picked up the ‘mess’ and put the pieces back together with the utmost kindness, patience and positivity.  I just wish we had come to you first. As we know, there is still much of a journey ahead – but thank you for: setting us back on our feet; helping me breath for a moment; giving us hope and KEEPING IT REAL! As a parent - I can never say thank you enough and I will sing your praises for forever! You are doing an amazing job and the kids are privileged to be there and have you as their teachers!

Much love


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"It is my firm belief that given the right environment and educational approach children will not only learn but excel. I wish to install confidence in learners, as to encourage them to take risks in their learning and reach to their dreams.

This programme aims to give children the skills to learn and apply this knowledge to all learning areas. I focus on filling gaps in a child's skills knowledge bank, as well as reinforcing core concept and building confidence." ~ Fiona

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